Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Mount Constitution

Strenuous 'bad weather' consolation trip (originally Buckhorn Mountain) to Mt.Constitution of ~14 miles and ~4500'.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trails (and restrooms where we intersected the road accessible areas) were in great shape.  Saw no mountain bikes on the trails.

As always, beautiful ferry cruise, forests, lakes, and the palpable slowing to 'island time' from the frenetic pace of the Puget Sound metropolitan area.  Only had gentle breezes, a bit of rain, and gray mists wafting through the summit tower (needless to say, no views).  We had lunch in the tower room with the wooden floor (seemed a bit warmer) before descending to what seemed a mini rain shadow on the trail bordering the western shore of Mountain Lake (just below the eastern cliffs of Mt Constitution).  Did a slight detour to visit 'Little Summit' as well.  Photos from past trips (as well as a map of our route for this trip) can be seen here. Total time of ~7 hours.