Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Mount Ararat (winter)

Beautiful/strenuous loop traverse (~4400'/~13 miles) that ascends via Kautz Creek trail, and descends via Indian Henry's and the Wonderland trail to Longmire.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • A great day in the mountains w/mostly dry conditions, bare trail to ~4200', then continuous snow at ~4900'.  Snow cover was 6" to 12" with intermittent drifts of ~1.5 feet here and there.   All stream bridges were in.

Left Kautz creek trail at 5200' to ascend broad curving ridge on SSW aspect of Ararat that narrowed for a short distance near the top.  Descended eastern aspect of Ararat to reach Indian Henry's Ranger cabin for a nice lunch on the porch.  Hiked the Wonderland trail over Rampart Ridge back to Longmire with a total trip time of 7.5 hours for the ~13 miles and ~4400' elevation gain.