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Winter Scramble - Mildred Point

Successful summit of Mildred Point on a calm, beautiful winter day.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We found a light dusting of snow in the Longmire parking lot. Wonderland trail was bare  ground for the first 200-300 ft and then inches of snow  coverage increased gradually while we gained elevation. We decided to put the snowshoes on  about  100 ft below the trail split and they stayed on for the rest of the day until  we got back on Wonderland trail.

Party of seven did snowshoe / scramble and summit Mildred  Point on Saturday, 12/15. This peak proved to be a good  choice and offered safe route finding opportunities while avalanche danger was considerable pretty much everywhere. Snow pack was varying from calf to knee and waist deep  in places up at higher elevation (>5000 ft). Weather  was much better than expected, offering calm conditions,  temps in 20s on the summit, great views of Rainier and all the surrounding  mountain beauties. It took us 4 h 35 min up, spent  20 min on the summit and in 2 h 20 min we were back at the cars. We were lucky to find seats at Copper Creek and  wrapped up the day with a delicious early dinner.