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Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Mildred Point

Excellent group made limited visibility and powdery snow a minor distraction

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Virtually no snow accumulation at Longmire.  Snow depth up to around 8" in some drifts prior to the Mildred Point turnoff. Snowshoes required a little after the turnoff.  Snow turned drier as we ascended so that even with snowshoes, person breaking trail sank to knee depth.  Frequent rotation of leader required.

Fortunately the weather system produced much less snow than was forecast.  The strong rain earlier on the drive in turned into light snow fall with little accumulation at Longmire.  Enjoyed a small break between weather systems for the first two hours.  The trail up Rampart Ridge started wet and turned into snow covered up to around 8" in a few drift areas prior to the turnoff to Mildred Point.  We put on snowshoes a little past the turnoff.  The summer trail was visible in parts most of the way; we stuck to the trail for the most part, though we did pop onto the ridge a little early in hopes of catching a view between systems.  Snow became much drier as we ascended making snowshoeing more work.  However, the entire group took a rotation(s) at breaking trail.  Made it to the summit in around 4 hours.  No views.