Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - First Top & Point 4795 Loop

A sea of clouds with beautiful mountain views above on this strenuous trip of ~6000’ gain over ~14 miles. Ideal weather with an interesting mixture of trail and cross country terrain (both with snow and without).

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The cross country portions of our counter-clockwise route are shown in the following map:


    The Lake Dawn Trailhead (elevation ~1,850’) was snow free with shallow snow encountered at ~4,000’ where we transitioned to micro-spikes.  After leaving the trail at ~4,500’, we changed to snowshoes at ~5,000’ for the final 500’ to the summit of First Top (elevation ~5,500).  After descending to ~3,150’ our 2nd cross country segment to the Lake Angeles Trail at ~2,600’ was entirely snow free.  While ascending the Lake Angeles Trail we donned micro-spikes at ~3600’ to reach Lake Angeles, then cross country to the summit of Point 4795 (the last 100 yards was definitely snowshoe terrain but we toughed it out to save time).

    In the following satellite view (Lake Dawn top right, Lake Angeles bottom right) you can see our segment travel times as well as elevated heart beats (yellow slower, orange faster, which align with the cross country segments):


Finally, out of the trees on our way to First Top…

523E5E8F-4ECE-4256-86F4-BA26660B7471.jpeg(By Jesse Bengtsson)

… but that cloud layer below looks like it is rising:


Still clear at the summit of First Top:


No snow on our cross country descent to the Lake Angeles Trail:

5C427A0F-495D-46A3-A967-1243BDECFA16.jpeg(By Jesse Bengtsson)

Brrrrrr, nothing like a freezing mist to keep things cool on our ascent:

30C1357A-D770-471B-9784-0D7A06FDFF4E.jpeg(By Max Parsons)

After a quick visit to Lake Angeles…

04E6B869-8B1F-40EF-9B48-841E3838562E.jpeg(By Jesse Bengtsson)

… we’re soon approaching the summit of Point 4795…

148E7745-2610-4E19-8D8F-2222DDCB34FF.jpeg(By Jesse Bengtsson)

With sunset imminent, Adam gains an ideal vantage point…


… affording nice shots of other summit seekers:

BC758244-C240-40A6-A01B-0301517551D2.jpeg(By Adam Dodge)

D4CAE944-8ED1-4733-BF3B-BC0B5FFFB46B.jpeg(By Adam Dodge)

A nice one of Jesse, our prolific photographer:

8EDB5CA4-60C3-4143-B259-E967A2CAE413.jpeg(By Max Parsons)

With a rapidly descending sun we needed no encouragement to head home, and accompanied by the warm glow of a successful day were soon making great time towards our cars (headlamps were only needed for the last hour of trail travel).  A great 10 hour day in the mountains, photos from this and other trips to this venue can be seen here.