Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Dickerman Mountain (winter)

Deep snow, sparkling day.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Day after first big storm of winter season. About 3" snow at parking lot; snow & slush on highway. Snow about 8" deep on rocks above the 4,200' waterfall; fortunately not an issue for avy; no crampons needed. Snow about 2 feet deep at 4,600' meadow, and close to 3 feet deep at summit.

Very fortunate to hit a clear window shortly after major Thanksgiving storm. We half-expected to need to turn back at the 4,200' waterfall due to avalanche danger, but snow was surprisingly benign at this spot. (It was the first big snowfall of the season at that location, and looked like much of the initial snowfall melted when it hit the rocks above; only about 8" depth had accumulated there. No slides had occurred yet there, so we were able to walk across without ice axes or crampons.

Weather was overcast & foggy at bottom of route; no precip. But we broke out above the clouds at 5,000' to emerge in a glorious wonderland of snow-blasted slopes & trees. Views of Glacier, Sloan, and Del Campo were spectacular.


No cornices had formed yet on W Ridge. Several hikers ahead of us had forged a path in the 3-foot deep snow without snowshoes; it would have been possible for us to go without as well, but we donned snowshoes for providing more flexibility in case of need for route deviation, first aid, avalanche, or even bathroom breaks, any of which would have been nearly impossible in the unconsolidated snow.