Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Cabinet Peak

Straight up from Hwy 2. Beautiful views of Ragged Ridge when views are available.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • I am rating this trip a 3 only because we had very few views due to the low clouds.    Parking is just off Hwy 2 at a pullout near milepost 147.  Quite a few cars will fit there.52981051428_ee775c9942_o.jpg

We 5 ladies started down Hwy 2 around 8:45am and soon left the road where a piece of pink flagging marked the boot path into the trees.52978407983_a71018b5b5_o.jpg52977959056_b1d0b91ae2_o.jpgWe follow flagging and a pretty distinct boot path for  a while.  There's some bushwacking, but not horrible.  Once out of the trees it flattens  and we're on a nice ridge.  Unfortunately, there are few views so I take no photos until we're already at 6330', about 550' below the summit.52978102999_c2402bc79a_o.jpgThe ridge scramble to the summit is easy and fun.  On a clear day, it would be stunning.  Looking back as it some views appear.52977354287_b63eb5512a_o.jpg

52978328090_8b936fc916_o.jpgAlmost to the summit.  52977354712_0f803de7a7_o.jpgLadies on the summit.52978328450_5245a70d9d_o.jpgWe didn't stay long.  Down we go.52981063783_14f4e0479a_o.jpg52978409548_1c963c601f_o.jpgA fun day despite the weather not  cooperating.