Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Arthur Peak (winter)

Loop route approaching Arthur from North returning along Alki Crest and boundary trail to cars

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Perfect Snow conditions, strong group,  helped complete route. 

12 1/2 hours  13 + miles  4500+ feet of elevation gain.  Left parking area at 6:30 am, walked 3 miles up compact snow and ice road. Put on Micro spikes for 1 mi hike up green lake trail. Left trail shortly after waterfall at 8:15. Had snowshoes on by 3600'  Found a good route thru a cliff band and onto the ridge at 4200'.  Easy trail breaking up to 4800' snow got deeper with a bit more effort to get to  the summit at 12:40. A tough scramble.  Blue bird day. Amazing views  Rainier, and surrounding peaks,  Olympics, Stewart. 

Surveyed loop route, no cornices on Rust ridge.  Less snow than forecast and fell elsewhere, I often find this in the Carbon area. No signs of wet avy danger, minimal wind  transported snow, good tree cover .

Group decided to continue w/ loop route. One member of our team commented it will be longer but not as steep. Backtracked to saddle at 4720'  and left ridge at inviting looking terrain to traverse below Rust ridge on the NW side, left ridge at 1:20pm. Very pleasant route, stayed around 4800' went 100' up  into sun and open slopes below cliffs on rust ridge. Higher avy conditions may be able to navigate route in tree cover. Climbed to 4920  to gain easy access to flat area before arriving on Alki Crest at 3:30.

No one had the energy for Florence, skirted around. No tracks off crest, or upper part of boundary trail. Headlamps for last 1/2 mile, arrived  back at cars 7 pm. Enjoyed  Pizza and beverages at the Carlson Block in Wilkeson.