Trip Report    

Whatcom Falls Park

Visited Whatcom Falls Park to photograph it on Christmas Day's snowstorm of 2021.

  • Sat, Dec 25, 2021
  • Whatcom Falls
  • Urban Adventure & Photography
  • Successful
  • Snow and ice on road
  • The snowfall was and still is above what was predicted. Also, the temperatures have been lower than predicted. The storm's intensity took everyone by surprise. This made the icy roads very slippery. The main danger were the other drivers. Even my very capable 4X4 SUV slid a bit now and then but completely safe if careful .


The snowfall was not consistent. I waited for the right moment to shoot. It was dark with almost no color so I decided to post a B&W shot. We enjoyed a white Christmas big time! We walked in clean, fresh snow breathing such fine air! I also knew that it would be very blustery today so freezing the leaves, trees etc in the shot would have been a challenge. The few visitors were all smiles...