Trip Report    

West Tiger Mountain 1-2-3

A pleasant loop through the quiet side of West Tiger, with a nice variety of forest types.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trails were in great shape and we only found tiny patches of snow. Lots of work has gone into hardening portions of the trail network, and the walking is very pleasant, with solid footing. 

We had a great, international group and amazing weather on this December day. We hiked up the Lingering Trail, then past Fred's Corner to Tiger 1, where we enjoyed gorgeous views and lots of sunshine. Then it was mostly downhill to Tiger 2 and Tiger 3, and we looped back on Tiger Mountain Trail, K3 (which is designated "unmaintained" but is perfectly fine) and High Point Trail. An interesting weather inversion meant that it was freezing at the parking area (and still freezing when we returned), but t-shirt and shorts weather at the top! Along the way we learned about Joe's memorial (up on the ridge between T2 and T3, on a short spur south) and oyster mushrooms. Overall an excellent trip and a good workout, 5.5 hours car to car (with a half hour lunch break).