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Trip Report    

West Tiger Mountain 1-2-3

A moderate pace Club hike traversing the three peaks of West Tiger in a clockwise direction starting at the less-used trailhead near High Point Pond. We ascended to Tiger 1 via the Lingering Trail, TMT, West Tiger No1, and Tiger 1 Bypass. We then traversed the ridge to Tiger 2 and Tiger 3 before doubling back along the ridge to have lunch at the west-facing scenic viewpoint just below Tiger 3. After lunch we descended via the TMT, K-3, and High Point trails.

Our ascending and descending routes kept us on the East side of the mountain, and we saw only about 4 other people all day except when we tagged the crowded summit of Tiger 3 which was packed with about 50 people and a number of dogs, and where tobacco and marijuana smoke were in the air.

The trail was in good condition the whole way. There was a high overcast but conditions were dry and temperatures were comfortable except for some wind and cold along the ridge.

The homeless encampment that moved into the High Point Pond area two weeks ago is still there but the structures that blocked the gate have been moved so access is no longer a problem. One must walk through the camp to get to/from the Lingering and High Point trails. Some of the residents said hi to us as we hiked out. All were friendly and there were no issues.

Distance: 10 miles. Elevation gain: 3000’. Time: 5:25.