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West Fork Foss Lakes

Began hike on a beautiful morning at 9:05am with my co-leader and nine CHS 2 hikers. A chorus of birds filled the air as we hiked up the trail to Trout Lake. The ground cover along the trail was quite diverse and abundant. We were surprised to find various colorful and ripe berries for this time of the year. Trout Lake was stunning and placid. It was a warm climb up to beautiful Copper Lake. Arriving at 11:40 am we stopped for a few pictures and a dip by our co- leader before proceeding to Little Heart Lake. This was the midpoint of our hike. We stopped for a short break and another quick plunge by my co-leader into the extremely cold Little Heart Lake. We arrived back at Copper Lake for a nice 30 minute lunch along the lakeshore at 1:00pm. Heading back to the trailhead we took the .1 mile spur trail to beautiful Malachite Lake. After a ten minute break, we started backdown the trail to complete our hike. We arrived at the trailhead at 4:30pm. We had plenty of smiles at the conclusion of this hike.