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Wagonwheel Lake/Wagonwheel Trail

Started up the (steep!) trail to Wagonwheel Lake at about 10am; we were only the second car in the parking lot. Encountered NO SNOW AT ALL on this trip, even at the lake itself! In February!?

We lucked out with the weather: cool, cloudy, and dry pretty much all day. Lots of flowing water on the trail due to recent rains, but nothing too difficult to walk through or around with hiking boots on. There were a few downed trees across the trail as well, but again not anything that presented much of a challenge. Had to be very careful on some wet, slippery rocks, though-- particularly on the descent.

Over all the trail was in really good shape, and we made it up to the lake somewhere between 2.5 - 3 hours, back down between 1.5 - 2 hours. It was a very peaceful hike, as we had the trail to ourselves for (almost) the entire trip. We did encounter the occupants of the other vehicle we had seen in the parking lot at the lake; they were just coming back from the Silver Snag spur trail that ascends another 600 ft from the lake. We decided that the views wouldn't be worth the extra effort due to the swirling clouds, and we were pretty much spent from hike up to that point anyway. Will try again for the bonus viewpoint on a sunnier day!