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Wagonwheel Lake & Silver Snag Hill

Wagonwheel Lake & Silver Snag Hill

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Trip Date: Wednesday May 20, 2015

Trip log:

Trail conditions:
At the start of trail, a few minutes in, there's an overhanging tree that has been there 'forever' that the NPS doesn't seem to want to take care of. Trail is in good shape, and climbers trail to Silver Snag Hill is mostly obvious.
No snow anywhere, except small patches on Mount Washington and Southern Olympics.
Great views from false summit of Silver Snag Hill: Copper Mountain, Mount Ellinor, Mount Washington, Southern Olympics...

Leaders Reflections:
Everyone made the false summit of Silver Snag Hill!
Group was well matched for pace; kept a steady fast moving pace: 731 meters/ hr. (2,400 feet / hr.).
After doing Ellinor for a few weeks, Wagon Wheel + Silver Snag Hill is easy.
We did not attempt the true summit of Silver Snag Hill since the group did not bring helmets. Next time.
Beautiful day with blue skies and sun.