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Vantage (Frenchman Coulee)

Sport climbing field trip notes

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Hot and dry, but the rock is in :)

    Zig Zag:

    Anchor bolts @ the top of The Jagged Edge (the 5.7 sport route) are not the typical, and are loose. I felt okay lowering on them but I'm going to try and report them as needing replacement.

    Anchor bolts @ Orangekist - one is rusting and a chain held on with washers. Other is a modern bolt that looks like it's in good shape.


    We were happy with all the bolts that we found there. Someone should bring a crescent wrench (we didn't sorry :(), and seek out and tighten the occasional loose bolts. There were a few spread out through the moderates.

We climbed 0630 - 1400 Saturday, 0630 - 1000 Sunday.


  • South side of the feathers was comfy until ~8am
  • North side of the feathers:
    • Climber's L of the pass-through was in shade basically all day (this is the stuff around satan's pillar)
    • Climber's R was in the sun first thing. By ~10am it was a little too hot to climb here, except - The Uprising, and a few others, were facing enough West that they had shade from the other rocks. They were comfy.


  • Zig Zag wall was in the sun first thing in the morning (we misread the guide book, oops).
  • Gallery (we didn't climb there, but could see it) was in the shade.