Trip Report    

Urban Walk - Lincoln Park

We went from sea level to the highest point in the city... High Point! We saw the new troll down at Coleman pool (I highly recommend you check it out) and interacted with MANY free little libraries.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route was easy and well kept.  No hazards.

A beautiful 5 mile loop hitting all the high points (literally!) in the Fauntleroy area.  We went down to the water level and walked along Lincoln park's waterfront until we reached Coleman pool.  There we saw the new troll named Bruun Idun installed just a week or so ago!  We then climbed up the not-too-steep hill trail up to the loop trail in Lincoln Park.  We exited the north end of the park, and wound our way up past Solstice park to High Point view point and water towers.  There we encountered another troll or water spirit sculpture (A cousin of Bruun Idun perhaps?)!  A piece of (very heavy stone) guerrilla art it seems.  We then made our way to Thistle street, took a brief detour through Fauntleroy view sub-neighborhood, and then walked down the thistle street steps to the parking lot.