Trip Report    

Urban Adventure - Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Combination photography and naturalist walk at the refuge. It was a bit chilly when we arrived, so layering was the way to go. I was also glad to have a pair of hand warmers in my jacket pockets.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

As we walked on the boardwalk to the west of the visitor's center, we saw many merganser ducks. We also saw a downy woodpecker and a few trees away on the other side of the boardwalk, we saw a hairy woodpecker (who was really going to town pecking the wood and moss on the tree).

Further on the boardwalk, past the barn and going towards the mud flats, we saw several great blue herons, northern pintails and northern shovelers.


In the forested area, we didn't see the usual great horned owl, but we did see a beautiful barn owl who was sleeping in the hollow of a big tree. This tree is located behind the visitor center as you walk on the boardwalk that goes to the right of the center.


The boardwalk itself was dry, as were the dirt paths. There was just one small pile of snow left in the parking lot.