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Upper Lena Lake

day hike to upper lena from camp at lower lena

  • Sun, Sep 10, 2023
  • Upper Lena Lake
  • Day Hiking
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • I had always heard Upper Lena is so beautiful, but the trail from lower to upper lena sucks/is horrible/can't take kids...well it's true.  The trail has many rocks, roots, steep areas with loose dirt/gravel, water rolling over the trail etc.  I can imagine earlier in the year, the trail would be walking up a stream in a lot of areas.  There was only one area probably around mile 5 (from the TH) that it seems like the trail goes to the right around a boulder, but the trail is actually to the left climbing a pile of rocks.  BUT Upper Lena is beautiful! the water is clear and deep, and the views of the ridges surrounding this lake are interesting and lovely.  Walking downhill was just as slow going due to the cautious footing.  Expect to slide at least once.  This was a one and done for me.  The back country toilet is functional (but is pointed in the wrong direction-no views sorry)

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