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Upper Lena Lake

  • Tue, Apr 28, 2015
  • Upper Lena Lake
  • Day Hiking

We hiked this past Sunday, 4/26/15, with a small group of 5. The hike to lower lena lake was in great shape. However the trail to upper Lena lake was not so much. It had snowed the night before our hike, you could see a very detailed snow line on the mountains. The hike up we can across a half dozen old growth tree that had come down very recently. Along with some that had been clear not to long ago. The trail was very muddy and wet. A lot of small streams to cross that are probably dry creek beds in the summer. Even several part of the trail up that were turned in to creeks, so basically you were walking in a creek for a good 50 to 100 feet at a time. We hit snow around 3800 ft. Spotty in places, walking on snow off and on, however did not need traction devices. At the upper lake, some snow, lake was snow and ice free. Mountains above covered in snow. Water was ice cold, but felt great to take off your shoes and socks and soak them for a minute or two before putting on fresh socks for the trip down. The trip down had become very slippery in places, so much so that on one slip I snapped one of my trexxing poles on the way down. Thank God Black Diamond makes replacement parts. lol. Over all it was a great hike.