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Unicorn Peak/South Side

Beautiful day - warm temps which made for very soft snow and strenuous kick-stepping, but no need for snowshoes or crampons. Many glissade chutes available for the descent, plus easy plunge stepping in the soft snow. I led the 5.6 "classic route" and my co-leader led the "exposed class 4" to give students different options. The route is short and straight, so it is quite easy (at least on the 5.6 side) to belay one person up, and then simply throw the end of the rope back down for the next climber to tie-in. All members made it to the top of the summit block quickly, enjoyed some photos, and rappelled back down off of the gnarled tree. Rap station is in good condition with several newish looking slings and a couple rap rings.
We got a black tri-cam stuck in the class 4 route. Get it out and its yours.