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Unicorn Peak/South Side

Started from TH at 8 AM with our group of 10 consisting of 4 rope leads and 6 Basic students. Excellent weather with mostly blue skies and an occasional cloud. Water is available in the creek above Snow Lake so suggest not carrying all of your water and instead filtering at the base of the boulder field or in the notch area as stream flow is good. Crossed the bare boulder field and proceeded up the notch. Several large areas of snow there. We did not bring or need crampons. Ice axe was used and needed. Arrived at the base of the rock climb just as a group of 5 Mazamas were finishing. Each rope leader placed protection for removal by the seconds to give them a chance to clean protection. Two leaders led twice. At the top of the notch from the belay tree, we elected to do a double rope rappel to get the team a little farther down the slope but one rope would have been fine. One mountain goat across the way observing our efforts. Snow soft was good for plunge stepping on the way down. Filtered water for those who were low once we reached the base of the boulder field above Snow Lake. Arrived back at the TH a little after 8 PM.