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Unicorn Peak/South Side

Heavy road work on Paradise Road and Nerada Falls car park closed due to road work. Parked at Steven Canyon Rd turn off with the permission of road workers and rangers. Steven Canyon Road was still closed so we hiked 3 miles on the road to get to the trail head. Climbing route was in good condition, did not need to use our snowshoes or crampons. Signs of previous avalanches but no recent activity and no signs for concern. On the summit block we set up a hand-line for students to prusik up and we rapped of the old tree. Most of the route out we glissaded. Cars to TH: 1 h, TH to summit block: 3.5 h, Summit block climb and rappel: 3 h (you could speed this up by having students rappel and prusik up simultaneously, but we wanted a summit photo with the whole group). Base of summit block to TH: 2 h, TH to cars: 1h.