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Tinkham Tarns & Twin Lakes

Starting from Windy Pass we hiked south on the PCT to the intersection with the Cold Creek Trail at the base of Tinkham peak. After lunch near the junction we headed down the Cold Creek trail to Twin Lakes, then up the Catherine Peak trail to FS 9070 and Windy Pass. The Cold Creek trail section was slow going as it is quite steep, rocky and rooty in places, with several blow downs. Probably a bit more adventure than some folks were looking for but everyone did a great job. We tried to find the tarn at the base of the north face of Tinkham, there is an obvious boot path that veers off the trail where it skirts below the rock face, but it petered out in a boulder field and I didn't want to push the group too much. At the junction with the PCT and Cold Creek trail, if you head down the PCT to the first switchback, keep going straight through the open woods and you will shortly find an open spot on top of the ridge with nice views down to Cottonwood lakes. This was where we had lunch.