Trip Report    

Tamanos Mountain

Perfect day for good summer snow conditions- and a glissade!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Owyhigh trail in good condition. Snow constistant after lakes, easy to hike on with spikes (or not). Almost perfect glissading top to bottom.

A perfect day for a scramble up and glissade down Tamanos to visit The Mountain for lunch. Owyhigh Lakes trail was in very good condition. We didn’t encounter intermittent snow until just before the log bridge crossing. The trail was easy to follow all the way to the base of Tamanos.


We did have to select from two trails of tracks up the snow to go up Tamanos. Stay to the North- rather than the southern set. The snow is almost 100 percent consistent up to the saddle and a bit past, starting to melt out along the vegetation edge. Just shy of the provisional summit, the rock is bare.


We removed our spikes, stashed our trekking poles and scrambled along the boot path to the true summit. Overall accent time, including a bio break was approximately 4 hrs.

After a leisurely lunch on the summit, we unhooked our ice axes for the descent and put on rain pants. Descending to the saddle, we glissaded most of the way back down to the base of Tamanos. There were other “butt prints” of others having done this in the previous days.

We quickly switched clothes and stowed gear for a nonstop return to the trailhead. Overall, roundtrip was 7 hours, including our snack and lunch, gear changes and minor route finding.