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Tamanos Mountain

October 31, 2014
RT Time: 4:50 hrs.; summit in 3:15 hrs.
Followed Owyhigh Lake trail to flat area near 5,350’ (approximately ¼ mile past Owyhigh Lakes, and beyond the trees) and turned NW following a defined trail heading to the south ridge of Tamanos. At approximately 6,000’ the trail disappeared and we headed straight up to the south ridge where we found a bit of a boot path buried in snow (no more than 4-6”). It followed the ridge on the right side initially but then crossed to the west. We were unsure of the actual summit, so we went up all three. We believe the middle one to be the highest. Although it rained all day, it did turn to snow at approximately 6,000’ and we had a brief peak at Mt. Rainier, and Governors Ridge. Much of the trail, especially around the lakes and going up to the ridge after leaving the primary trail had a lot of water flowing in them. Very little snow accumulation. We did have ice axes but never needed them.