Trip Report    

Tacoma CHS Day Hike - Kendall Katwalk

The weather forecast was not very inviting, but these dedicated and prepared Tacoma CHS students were prepared and hopeful. We made it to the Kendall Katwalk with the sun shining on our accomplishment!!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We began our journey at the Pacific Crest North/Commonwealth Basin trailhead. The parking lot at 8:45am was less than a third full on a Tuesday and a not so promising forecast. With a few days of good rain, there were areas with mud and large puddles. This trail is in great shape! One of the best trails I've hiked on lately. No litter, easy navigating and only one tree to cross over. Care was taken on all the talus slope areas due to the rocks being very wet.


This was a graduation hike for our Tacoma Branch Conditioning Hiking Series folks and everyone was excited to see how the day unfolded. The weather forecast called for 90% chance of rain and a potential for thunderstorms. The air temperature was very comfortable in the 50's and we had just a bit of wind. It was one of those days that you wonder if it is worth going and are so glad you did!!! I always say, there is never a bad day, just inappropriate gear!

Only a few hikers in our group had hiked the famous Kendall Katwalk before. It was fun to be sharing a new trail with our hikers as well as a journey on part of the Pacific Crest Trail. We were grateful for the lovely forest cover as the light rain began. The fall colors are definitely happening and we saw and heard many American Pikas.

Any hike leader is weary of a forecast that calls for thunderstorms, especially on this trail due to the many exposed and ridge line hiking. We were all mindful of this potential threat and were open to altering our plan if needed. As the rain became heavier, we dawned our raingear and ate a quick lunch in some tree cover before continuing on to the Katwalk. Fortunately the thunderstorms held off and we were welcomed with over two hours of sunshine!!! As we made it to the Kendall Katwalk, the sunshine really opened up and provided more views than anticipated. 


We encountered two solo and one group of two thru PCT hikers. "We can smell Canada" one said with a big smile! We wished them all luck and safe passage.

Our hike down had us enjoying lots of sunshine and the rain really began about half way down but the timing was great as we were back in the forest. Congratulations to our Tacoma CHS graduates!!! Happy hiking :)