Trip Report    

Swauk Pass to Blewett Pass

Brilliant sunshine and deep powder snow made for a beautiful trip, though pushing through the snow was laborious enough that we declared ourselves satisfied with a loop over Cairn Hill.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

The temperature at Blewett Pass was 7 degrees when we set out (and 13 when we returned), but essentially wind still conditions and numerous sunny areas  made for a surprisingly comfortable trip.  We followed the road from Blewett pass first north, then west, leaving it to ascent the east ridge of Cairn Hill (Pt. 4745).  Descending the slopes to the west we continued on the road, then up the north slope towards  Pt. 4675 before deciding that time and slow travel in the deep snow dictated turning back.

  • Red Marker
    47.335449, -120.580487
    47.3354490659 -120.580487251
  • Red Marker
    47.343877, -120.636664
    47.3438769182 -120.636663974

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