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Summit Lake

  • Mon, Jun 29, 2015
  • Summit Lake
  • Day Hiking

Great day for a hike! Left the Martin Way Park Ride at 5:30 am. After a couple stops and a bumpy 45 minute ride up the Forest Service Road and we hit the trail at 8:30 am. Not too hot but the air was still. Halfway up the trail a little breeze knocked the bugs down and cooled things off a bit. Took the trail to the right when we reached the lake. Lots of picture moments of the hills to the East. Wound our way down to the shore for fellowship and a great discussion on the 10 Essentials. A few raindrops hit us but we didn't mind. Feet in the lake felt good and there were many fish jumping out of the water. Forgot to hang the day pass in one of our vehicles and fessed up to the Ranger as he passed us. He said thanks for telling him and there is a free pass on parking thru the 4th of July. Nice hike back down as more and more people were heading up to the lake. Lots of dogs, well behaved, on the trail as we neared the end. Back to the cars by 1 pm. Finished off our day with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Truly a great time had by all.