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Suiattle River

  • Sun, Mar 22, 2015
  • Suiattle River
  • Day Hiking

Road has potholes but is in fairly good shape. Newer parts are in good shape. It takes an hour from the 530 turn-off to drive to the end of the road.

Somehow a hike with a waitlist of 4 ended up with just five of us, but we had the trail all to ourselves today. Trail is in pretty good shape, all things considered. Stream crossings were achieved without mishap and logs were shimmied under or climbed over without much hassle. Just a handful of slightly muddy spots, overall the trail is mostly dry.

Red currant flowering, also some some wood violets and colts foot. Found a dead mole on the trail and several banana slugs.

We hiked as far as the Canyon Creek suspension bridge, which is pretty impressive and must have cost a pretty penny.

If you like deep dark forest, this is the hike for you. If you like mosses, lichens and liverworts, this is the hike for you. You hike in a cathedral of cedars, douglas firs and hemlocks.

The varied thrushes were whistling and at one point the two gals out front came back to the three of us bringing up the rear, asking if we had been blowing our whistle!

Weather a mix of sun breaks, clouds, mist, showers and drizzle. Great weather for a rainforest hike.