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Snowgrass Flats and Goat Lakes

Beautiful area and definitely worth the hike. Be prepared for variable weather. Was quite chilly up there, 41 degrees, with fog and mild breeze. The road is rough/washboard surfaced so choose one's transport vehicle with that in mind.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The trail is in great condition with just a few puddles from the wonderful rain we just had.  No hazards up to the Snowgrass meadow.

On a weekend, recommend getting there early for close in parking.  This is a popular trail with families and fabulous dogs.  We did this hike as a day hike, and recorded somewhere around 10.0 miles for the trip, depending on who's GPS one believed.  It is a straightforward hike with moderate elevation gain for two miles near the top.  That elevation gain in about 500 feet per mile. 

Taking the 10 essentials is always a good idea.  The weather at Snowgrass Flats is quite variable depending on the clouds blowing into the area.  Open and can be breezy.  Just wait 30 minutes and it could be quite a different place.