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Snoqualmie Mountain

Friday, April 15,2016
Our attempt of an Alpine Climb of Mt Snoqualmie via Commonwealth Basin and Cave Ridge turned around on the back side of Guye Peak due to avalanche concerns. We were at approx. 4300 ft elevation and had come all of the way from the Alpental Rd on snowshoes. We had crossed over several older debris fields of previous avalanches and had just ascended a steep slope that had approx. 14 inches of wet loose snow over an icier level. Traction was becoming difficult with snowshoes. While grouped up (11 of us) for a break and to consider our route, we heard the roar of an avalanche nearby in the direction we had just come from. A quick discussion and poll of all participants resulted in our decision to abort the climb. Still a good day with great teammates. Ron Raff


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