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Skagit Valley

  • Mon, Feb 15, 2016
  • Skagit Valley
  • Urban Adventure

Skagit Valley Birding Trip
Mountaineers Natural World Group
Leader: Jeff Nystuen; co-leader Gordie Swartzman + relatives
Members: Gary Brill, Maureen Traxler, John Malotte, Anja Markovic, Libby Krochalis, Bob Hammer
Feb 13, 2016
65th P&R at 0730, return at 1600, 3 cars
Locations: Fir Island, Skagit Flats, Padilla Bay Wildlife Center, Samish Flats
Lunch at Slough Foods, Edison
Weather: 50F and overcast; raining after the last stop; breezy 15-20 mph wind from the south

Bird List:
Water Fowl: Snow Goose, Canada Goose, Trumpeter Swan (~1000), Tundra Swan, American Wigeon, Mallard, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Common Goldeneye, Hooded Merganser
Water Birds: Pied-billed Grebe, Double-crested Cormorant
Marsh Bird: Great Blue Heron
Raptors: Bald Eagle (well over 100 individuals including 50+ standing around in one field – a FLOCK!), Northern Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, Merlin, American Kestrel
Gulls and wading birds: Killdeer, Ring-billed Gull, Glaucous-winged Gull
Woodpeckers and Kingfishers: Northern Flicker, Belted Kingfisher (heard)
Passerines: Common Crow, Common Raven, American Robin, European Starling, Song Sparrow,
Golden-crowned Sparrow, Spotted Towhee, Brewer’s Blackbird, Western Meadowlark