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Skagit & Hope Islands

My other report is for the 4/24/16 student paddle. This is for the 4/23 paddle. Same location for launch. Same target destination (Hope Island) but we all know this is a fickle sport that relies on the weather gods quite a bit. Saturday's weather was better than Sunday. We headed out thru Hole in the Wall to the Fish Hole and arrived a pretty low tide. Continued on past Goat Island (north or channel side) and around to the west end. The tide was dropping quickly and we scurried back to the channel just in time to miss getting stranded on the mud flats west and south of Goat. We continued out to the west end of the channel and headed north towards Hope but I turned the group around before we went too far. The wind was moderate but the students were showing some signs of wear. Headed back to Goat and landed by the log deck/old pier pilings. (Watch where you land or you'll be eaten by the sucky mud!) After lunch at the old fortifications we headed back up the channel to the launch site. Recorded just over 7 nm for this paddle. Students experiences some wind, current, tidal effects, boat wakes, and learned first hand about mud flats and the need to be flexible with the planning. Re-fortified ourselves with libation and sustenance at the La Conner Brewing Company after both paddles. Good food and always.