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Trip Report    

Skagit & Hope Islands

We launched from the public ramp/dock at the foot of Sherman Street at about 9:30 on a falling tide. Paddle south towards Goat Island in the rain and building wind. At the Fish Hole I made a decision to split the group with the more experienced group continuing on to Goat Island and those that wished turned around and paddled back into more sheltered waters of Swinomish Channel. We canceled any attempt to reach Hope. The wind and wind waves were exceeding the safety margin Both groups experienced effects of wind, boat wakes, currents, and tides. Both groups completed about 7 nm or more. The weather moderated quite a bit by about noon and everyone came back to the launch site with smiles. This is a good paddle site for students because there are three options depending on wind/weather: 1) All the way to Hope and Skagit, 2) Goat Island, and 3) out to Hole in the Wall and then back into Swinomish Channel to paddle as far as desired.