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Silver, Tinkham & Abiel Peaks

Really fun day hike. I took what is called Windy Pass Option 1 from the route description and this has got to be the easiest way to go. I hiked south on the PCT and then turned off (right) and headed up to the Y-shaped ridge system for easy routes to all three peaks. The turn off from the PCT is marked with a cairn and is fairly obvious. The climbers trail is very well beaten all the way up to the summit of Silver Peak. There are trails to Abiel and Tinkham but these are more typical climbers trails (more brush, less beaten). I took my ice axe along although it stayed on my pack but my helmet was warranted while scrambling Tinkham. I was glad to have my 3+ liters of water with me because there was none except for the first 100 yards down the PCT (no snow either). I encountered two other climbers on my way down from Silver but that was the last I saw of them and otherwise I had the place to myself. In order I did Silver, Abiel and then Tinkham. 5.25 hours car-to-car.