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Sherpani Peak

On 6/13/2015 we scrambled Sherpani Peak, the informal name of the 6,720' closed contour three bumps north of Paddy-go-easy Pass. We gained 3,800' of elevation in a trip of 9 hours. Good weather, a sociable group, excellent views and accommodating terrain made for a most enjoyable trip. Here's a route description:

Take the Paddy-Go-Easy Trail till it makes its turn into the draw leading to the pass (~5,700 ft.). Then leave the trail and make a level northwesterly traverse, staying on forested slopes below talus fields. Turn right into the drainage heading to the 6,120’ pass southeast of Pt 6564. A miner’s track leads to tailings and a caved-in mine entrance below the pass. From the pass traverse the basin to the southeast of Pt 6564, cross its east ridge, then traverse the next basin to attain the pass between Pt 6564 and Sherpani. Reach Sherpani’s east ridge by a sloping shelf and follow it to the summit rocks. Circle the summit rock counterclockwise and approach from the northeast, through a large keyhole. There is one final more difficult move to get on top of the summit block. There is a tradition of calling the peak Coffin Peak due to a characteristic projecting rock at the summit.