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Seattle Snowshoe Winter Camping Field Trip - Grace Lakes

Road closed till 7am. Extreme avalanche conditions. 9am backpacked toward Grace Lakes to a very safe area. Nice weather, dusting of snow Saturday and Saturday night. A treat to camp in this good snow and good weather. Very knowledgeable group.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Wind and snow for days on Highwayt 2 .  Extreme avalanche conditions.  a dusting of snow Saturday night. We went towards Grace Lakes area to camp.  Roads too bad to go to Smith Brooke.  Good decision, as road conditions were very bad. 

Parking at Lot "D" worked fine.  All four cars  found a spot in or near overnight parking area. (Between the black poles).  About three feet of new snow Friday night. Highway closed until 7am Saturday.

Group arrived around 8am.  About 9am we backpacked though the Stevens Pass ski area and off twards Grace lakes.  Group decision to choose camp site. Considerations:  Extreme avalanche conditions and heavy snow on trees . So,we stayed lower than Grace lakes.  Much less wind there.

Everyone did a great job winter  camping.  Good gear, and all know how to use it.  Very good group dynamics.  We all had a good time. Everyone learned and shared good ideas with the group.

Sunday we got up and packed up to get going.  We just headed for home.    We planned to rise at 7am, ready to go 9am.  Everyone was ready and on time! Wow, I am impressed!

Dave gave me a ride to my VW in Gold Bar park and ride.  Double masked and windows open.

All had fun and learned lots. 


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Tim Lawson
Tim Lawson says:
Mar 02, 2021 07:20 PM

Extreme avalanche conditions, road closed till 7am. Tons of new snow. Good group, we chose a super safe area to camp. Nice snow dusting and little wind. Very good group.

Tim Lawson
Tim Lawson says:
Mar 02, 2021 07:21 PM

Great trip