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Seattle Explorers Backpack - Enchanted Valley

An intrepid group of 11-12 year old kids backpacked to O'Neil Creek camp (8 miles one way), day hiked to the Enchanted Valley Chalet (14 miles round trip) and then back to the trailhead on day 3. It was during the record breaking 100F weather, but the glacier-fed Quinault River kept us cool and fed refreshing river breezes.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The road to the trailhead is a decent gravel road.  There was plenty of parking along the road.  The trail is well maintained, and an Americorps crew was putting in new steps.  There are stream crossings and bridges, some with just one rail, but kids and adults

     forded each easily.  

    A morning sunrise through old growth trees in a meadow along the Quinault Rainforest trail

The explorers Mountain Goat Pod ventured to this truly enchanted valley on the hottest weekend in the documented history of Puget Sound.   Much of the trail was 10-15F cooler than the rest of the region, so the 100F+ afternoons were tolerable.  The swimming hole stream siding out of the main Quinault current at O'Neil Creek camp was a refreshing treat.  There were no complaints on the 14 mile daytrip from O'Neil to the chalet, and the kids set the moderate to fast pace the whole time.   There are plenty of nice campsites all along the route, which could make this a nice string of shorter hikes. IMG_7676.jpg


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Thomas Robey
Thomas Robey says:
Jun 28, 2021 06:56 PM

I really tried to make a nice trip report, but the photo format gave me a tough time.

Jeff Bowman
Jeff Bowman says:
Jun 28, 2021 07:03 PM

Thanks for the trip report, Thomas! I foxed the upside down image for you.