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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Stretch & Reach Islands

Great weather, high tides for smaller inlet exploration, some current and breeze assist, and no rain. Successfully completed circumnavigation of Stretch and Reach islands and covered 9 nm of Case Inlet shore line.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Launched from Ally Water Park at 9:20 and traveled south along the west shore of Case Inlet.  Explored two smaller inlets prior to arriving at Reach Island.  passed Reach island on the west side and crossed to Stretch Point.  Continued south on east side of Stretch island and turned north on the west side.  Completed the circumnavigation of Stretch island and continued north on east side of Reach island.  Completed circumnavigation of Reach island and crossed Case inlet to Rocky point.  Paddled north on east shore of Case inlet from Rocky point to a point directly across from the Ally Water Park. Returned early, around 3:00 p.m.

Paddled south with a north breeze and a slight ebb current assist.  Breeze picked up and changed from the south on the west side of Stretch island.  Current assist with the flood on the return trip was more than expected, 1-1.5 kts.  South breeze diminished in the afternoon.  No rain until after we got off the water and loaded the boats.  

All participants paddled safely and demonstrated the appropriate skills for the trip.  No injuries, and everyone appeared to have a good day on the water. 

Even though the sun was not out, the weather with the fog in the trees, unusual cloud formations and an occasional peek-a-poo view of the snow covered Olympic mountain peaks made the day.

We saw a handful of harbor seals and we all contemplated the identity of the few water birds we saw.  Otherwise, not much in the way of wildlife.