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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Stretch & Reach Islands

Pleasant winter paddle, little no wind and high tides that allowed some smaller inlet exploration. Current assist was noticeable. Plenty of harbor seals, few birds and no boat traffic.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Launched from Allyn Water Park a little late, 9:20, but road conditions were poor with thick fog causing some delays.  Headed south with north breeze and followed the west shore of Case Inlet.  Explored two smaller inlets before reaching Reach Island.  Passed Reach island on the west side and cut across to Stretch point State park for lunch.  Headed south from State park on the east side of Stretch island with a very slight headwind.  Current assist on west side of Stretch island  and Case inlet was about 1-1.5 kts on the flood. We finished the circumnavigation of Stretch and Reach islands and crossed over to the east side of Case inlet near Rocky point.  Paddled up east side of Case inlet until directly across from launch point.  Finished early, 3:00 or so, with the breeze and current assist. 

    Everyone completed the paddle safely.  All paddlers demonstrated appropriate skills for the trip. 

    All but one agreed to try Bubba Burgers, located almost directly across from the water park.   Great burgers, but aren't they always great after a day on the water?