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Sea Kayak - Spencer Island

This is a unique riverine tidal estuary with much peace and many birds. Protected water, river current could matter if spring runoff. End summer, no problem with that. Just really different than the usual saltwater Paddle.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Best to time this at the turn of the tide to flood, and plan to be in the area long enough for the tide to ebb.  The tide will overcome the river flow and provide a decent boost in several areas.  At low tide there will be a fair number of logs/pilings visible that are awash at higher tide.  

    Use boat launch ramp in park to launch/recover.  Restrooms nearby.  

$10 parking fee to City of Everett.  

Tons of birds even in off season, and blackberries.  

Unable to locate any marina at the north end of Otter Island, although there was some gravel where it might once have been.  

Unconventional stopping locations--on very firm mud shelves that are awash at mid tide and dry a lower tide.  Be creative; its a bit of an expedition.