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Sea Kayak - Snohomish River

Launch from 10th Street Marina. Head south on the Snohomish River and north on Steamboat Slough. Return to launch via open water. A moderately long day paddling an interesting counter-clockwise loop in the Snohomish Estuary.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Total time needed to do trip will vary with tides, currents, and wind. Back eddies can often be found, but the wind can funnel down the channels making for slow progress.

Parking near the restrooms/Jetty Island ferry was plentiful on this holiday weekend, with grassy areas for staging boats. Spring tide conditions. Launched at low tide (11 am), returned at high tide (5:30pm). Boat launch can be mucky and slippery when low. 

Paddled to Snohomish River and headed south. Langus Park makes a nice break with outdoor seating and full bathrooms. Continued to bottom of Spencer Island and headed north on Steamboat Slough. Break spots after Langus are few and far between. Small island north of Otter provided a fine grassy landing site for a snack and bio-break.

Fought tedious 10-15 kt headwinds from North Spencer Island all the way to Jetty Island. Some decent-sized waves on quartering seas. Enjoyed a lovely break on the lee of Jetty. Followed Jetty shoreline to direct sprint across to the marina. Pleasure boaters in the area sometimes paid attention to others in the water. Three students from this year's class and many experienced paddlers. Great group.