Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Seattle Waterfront

A wonderful 10 nautical mile paddle around Elliot bay - covering Seattle waterfront, underground waterway (seattle seawall), duwamish river and Alki beach. Saw many Sea Lions and Seals.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Overall, it was a fun and smooth paddle - we were rewarded with beautiful views of Seattle Port, Big Ships, Seattle waterfront, and we kayaked underneath the piers  (next to Sea wall), and crossed the Elliot bay.

    The two challenges on this route were

    1) finding a good launching point with enough and safe parking, and bathrooms.  We launched at Jack Perry Mermorial park, but the best launch point may be on Seacrest park @ Alki beach  - it has clean bathrooms, enough parking on weekends during early start, good access to a beach.  

    2) when the tide is high, it is not possible to go through east entry of duwamish waterway. I think the west entry is accessible during high tides.

    The route crosses the ferry and shipping lanes, and we took standard precautions including keeping the group close together in the crossing.