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Sea Kayak - Port Gamble to Foulweather Bluff Preserve

Paddle Route Changed to: Port Gamble across Hood Canal to Shine Tidelands to Bywater Bay and around Hood Head and Point Hannon

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

We had intended to paddle up to Coon Bay and on to Foulweather Bluff but since there are no public beaches on that side and our plan to get permission to use a private dock as possible rest/lunch stop  fell through we decided to cross to Hood Head.  It was a good paddle.  Very mild conditions. Not much of an ebb current to deal with on the crossing and the wind was <5kts.

Left Port Gamble Bay launch site at the old lumber mill.  Followed the shore to the west and then paralleled the Hood Canal Bridge across to Shine Tidelands State Park and Bywater Bay.  Explored the bay but since the tide was falling we couldn't consider a portage across the isthmus connecting the mainland to Hood Head.  Could have been possible if tide was mid-high or higher.  

We paddled back out of the bay and around Hood Head to Point Hannon to view the Dragon!  Had lunch on the point and then headed back to Port Gamble where we all practiced self and assisted rescues.