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Sea Kayak - Pickering Passage

Good weather and current assist. We arrived at Jarrell Cove early so the group continued on to Dougall point and across the passage to McLane Cove before returning to Jarrell Cove Marina for a lunch break. Return to the launch was pleasant with one more cove exploration and only a slight headwind.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Note on the location of Latimar's Landing.  The actual landing has an address on Google Maps as 51 E Haristine Bridge Road.  I do not recall where I got the  3291 E Pickering Road address, but that location on Google Maps is the overflow parking lot for the landing and the launch point is not in sight from this location.  We had one person who was unable to locate the launch point due to this error, so please do not repeat it by using the Haristine Bridge Road location  instead of the E Pickering Rd location.