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Sea Kayak - Misery Triple Cross

A kayak sailing trip in Hood canal with three crossings, launching from the Misery Point boat ramp.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

(Charlie Michel organised this trip but had to cancel.  Thanks Charlie.)

This route is called “Hood Canal Triple Cross”  Since we launch from Misery Point, I don’t know why it is not called “Misery Triple Cross”.  When routes naturally have great names, we must take advantage of them.  I tell everyone on the paddle that they shall get a button for completing the misery route.

Our Route


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We start by paddling southwest up Hood canal to position ourselves for a good cross wind run.

Misery Crossing #1

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As we enter Dabob bay, the wind comes round to our stern, giving us a boost to surf moderate waves.

We finish with a beautiful run into Dosewallips State Park, gliding over the bottom with waves stacking up in the current.

Misery Crossing #2

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After lunch we cross to Tskutsko Point, enjoying a lively cross wind run.  Boat speed is often above 5 kts with out paddling.

Misery Crossing #3

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Time to pay for our fun.

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