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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Maury Island Circumnavigation with overnight at Maury Island Marine Park

Sea Kayak - Maury Island Circumnavigation with overnight at Maury Island Marine Park

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We  launch from the beach by the intersection of SW Quarter Master Dr and Portage Way SW. We paddled counter clock wise and took out at the beach where Portage Way SW intersect Docton Rd SW.  There are limited curb side parking at SW Quarter Master Dr,  4 cars max. 


    There is no official path to get to the beach either at launch or take out. Kayaks must be carried across drift woods at the put in. We stopped on the beach in Manzanita for lunch before continuing our paddle to  Maury Island Marine Park. The next day we launch from the park and paddle to  the take out point. There is an old wood ladder which can be used to  bring the kayaks up from the beach to the street level.  We moved the cars from the curbside of SW Quarter Master Dr to Docton Rd SW. Tides for this paddle is crucial.  Tide at  Burton should be around 8 ft at launch site and around 6 ft at the take out site. 

I have already mentioned that parking is limited at both launch site and take out. We launched at around 10:30-11:00 AM, destination Maury Island Marine Park campsite which can be reserved at The best campsite are #3 and #4. We stayed at the group campsite which is open and no trees and the furthest campsite from where the kayak landing site.

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It was cloudy and the water was calm when we launched. We stopped for a lunch break on a beach in Manzanita where we found interesting woven branches somebody made. Almost look like a worship site.


We left the lunch spot, when the hail started falling which turned into rain 5 minutes later. Weather turned sunny when we arrived at the campsite. After putting up our tents, and securing the kayaks some of us took a hike on the trails around the campsite. We had beautiful sunset, but no sight of Mt Rainier.


It was a cold night and no fire is allowed at the campsites. We had some drizzle at night and in the morning that did not amount to nothing. We had a lazy morning, drinking coffee and telling stories before packing up our tent.  We packed our kayak and had lunch on the beach before we launch and completed the Maury island circumnavigation.