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Sea Kayak - Lake Union

It was very nice, but very cold day for a paddle. Lake Union in the winter is a pleasant place to be in the winter.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Air temperature around 30 degrees, mostly sunny, light chop, light wind, not a lot of boat traffic.

Lake Union is nice to paddle around in the winter due to the low number of boat traffic.  Since temperatures were in the high 20’s in the morning we elected to meet at 11, launched around 12:30 pm from Northwest Outdoor Cemter.  Paddled to Union Bay and back.  Temperature rose to mid 30’s. Great group of folks to paddle with today.

Note:  the owner of the marina where NWOC is located has declared the facility private.  Unless NWOC renters are part of a group non renting paddlers are prohibited from using the dock for launching.  This is due to the very high number of folks who are not renting from NWOC launching from the facility during the summer.  Since it was winter time we were told by NWOC that we could launch from their docks.