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Sea Kayak - Henderson Inlet

Beautiful fall trip with foliage turning. Fog in the morning lifting for sunshine in the afternoon. Explored to the ends of Chapmand Bay, Woodard Bay and Henderson Inlet.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The tides weren't ideal, but we were able to reach the ends of the bays and inlet with an estimated tide level of 9'. There was lots of mud showing at the end of Henderson Inlet and some shallow areas, but we could always find a channel and were able to reach the culvert on Johnson Point Road. We did have the flood to help us back through Dana Passage. 

Launched at 8:50am    Returned at 5pm
Weather: Foggy in the morning and cool. Lifted a little after noon and was sunny in the afternoon. Wind mostly light from the south. 

We all arrived early at Boston Harbor to a grey, cool and foggy morning. We set off at 8:50am, 10 minutes ahead of schedule and made good time out Dana Passage and into Henderson Inlet. The fog was a bit disorienting, particularly at Zangle Cove. We paddled inside the railroad trestle and landed on the Chapman Bay side of Woodard Point Park for a break.

After break we paddled as far into Chapman Bay as we could and then around the point and into Woodard Bay, past the bridge to the end. On the way out, the fog started to lift and we stopped at Woodard Point Park again for lunch, this time on the Woodard Bay side.

After lunch we paddled into Henderson Inlet and made it all the way to the culvert under Johnson Point Road. The water was flowing out too strongly to navigate through the culvert with an estimated 9.5' of tide height. On the way out, we stopped at the beach under a large oak tree on the Capitol Land Trust land along the east shore. The apple tree there had ripe apples that tasted like honeycrisps.

We paddled out of Henderson with a very light tail wind and stopped at the Bob and Carolyn's beach for a last break around 4pm. Arrived back at Boston Harbor at 5pm.

Highlights: Sea lions on float, lots of herons at Woodard Point, apples at Capitol Land Trust stop.