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Sea Kayak - Henderson Inlet

Great weather, lots of cool wildlife. Well run shuttle trip by Bob Metzger.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  •  The launch at Woodard Bay is closed from early Sep. to April. The launch at Woodard Bay is challenging, plan to launch at or near High tide. We launched at 9.7 Feet and had just enough water to launch. The carry to the launch is awkward around some cement  blocks. The lot is small and carpooling is recommended, one needs a discover pass for both Woodard Bay and Boston Harbor.  

    Parking at Boston Harbor this year continues to be "busy" with confrontations about parking issues occuring. As told by a fish and wildlife volunteer, anyone with a Discover Pass can use the labelled trailer parking lot to park while launching. We do practice courteous parking by double parking front to back to mimic trailers and parking off the lot when possible.

We met, shuttled cars to Boston Harbor and brought drivers back to Woodard Bay to launch. We almost immediately saw a large flock of nesting Cormorants making a nice background noise. We then paddled around the corner to explore some of Chapman Bay and safely view the rafting seals from afar. Several Blue Herons wers seen here. Later we saw Deer on shore that kept ahead and parallel with us as we paddled through Dana Passage. The rest of the trip went well, we got to lunch on a northwest beach with actual sand. the weather was quite balmy and paddling against the ebb tide was not that hard near shore.